Yaf Sparkle Fine JewelryYaf Sparkle Fine Jewelry

Yaf Sparkle

Capturing jewelry is considered one of the most challenging disciplines in product photography, making it a good starting point to introduce my work to you.

September, 2017
Claudia dancingClaudia dancing


On par with my passion to put products in the right light is my desire to capture people in their true beauty. 

Bangkok Travel PhotographyBangkok Travel Photography
Travel Photography


Children board an airplane for free - as long as they are under two years old. To beat the system, we decided to book our first family trip to Asia just before that. My wife voted for Bangkok for the street food, I voted for Bangkok because the wife did. 

January, 2015
Portrait Photography

Lennie James

A beautiful space holder for my next gallery, which will I will upload in the blink of an eye.

June 06, 2017